Man Is A Mental Being


God is perfect Life, and Mind. You then are perfect animation and intelligence. Certainly He is diseaseless, ageless, free, and unconfined; so are you. This is the basis of Christian Science practice. Thinking these thoughts is a treatment, for you cannot contemplate these stimulating facts for a moment without bringing to yourself a degree of health and peace. Such thinking heals disease because disease is mental. The body itself is mental. Does it not tell you when it is comfortable and when it is uncomfortable?

Yes, you are mental all the way through. The mind is the upper layer, and the body is the lower, but both are parts of mentality and you cannot touch one without touching the other. Your body responds to your moods and emotions. When you are happy and confident, the body is light and well behaved; when you are worried and depressed, it tightens and hurts.

Body and mind are parts of mentality. This is why a change in thought inevitably results in a change in the body. Since God is Mind or Spirit, man and the world are mental and spiritual. Obstructions and dangers, therefore, have only a spectral existence. Hence safety is the unchanging condition.

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