Man Lives On Indefinitely

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Man cannot help but live on and on indefinitely, for he is made up of imperishable elements. Look within yourself; look into consciousness. What do you find? Honesty, purpose, resolution, and an innumerable host of spiritual qualities. Take any one of them — honesty, for example. Can honesty have a collision? Can it be gassed or inflamed or extinguished? Can any spiritual quality suffer accident or pain? Can it experience birth, decay, dissolution? Manifestly not. Then man, as a compound of spiritual qualities, cannot suffer or experience such conditions.

Why not hold to these obvious truths, and reject the false consciousness of disease, accident, physical birth, age, and extinction? Spiritual man, and there is no other, has not fallen; he cannot fall with the everlasting arms of Principle underneath. Your genuine self has not left heaven for earth. It is no more than a dream that you have been born into a realm of danger and destruction.

One of the first steps toward overcoming the belief of death, is to overcome the belief of physical birth. So long as one entertains the belief that he has been ushered into this vale of tears, he can hardly hope to escape being ushered out of it. Indeed, one can scarcely expect to gain permanent immunity from sickness and accident, as long as he indulges the supposition that he has come into and inhabits a world of lawlessness and contagion.

When Jesus declares, “I came forth from the Father and am come into the world; again I leave the world and go to the Father,” he declares a universal truth, which every individual would do well to apply to himself. You have never left the abode of safety, the presence of God; your real self never has. Hence the groundlessness of fear.

When you intelligently claim your present sonship with the Eternal, you begin to awake to the man of His creating, and the tottering mortal that physical sense proclaims begins to dissolve and fade out. Then you begin to find in yourself the health and strength and ability the Almighty equips you with. If you are not trying to realize that your true self always has lived and always will live as a tangible witness to imperishable Life, and therefore that birth and death are alike impostors, you are failing to utilize one of the fundamental truths of Christianity. In other words you are not making your practice or treatment as searching and dynamic as you might.

Overthrowing the fear of disease and establishing confidence in place thereof is a fundamental feature of Christian Science treatment. The soundness of this practice is apparent when we remember that the human mentality and body are so intimately related that actually they are one. Therefore, when the individual is half-frozen with fear — and this is the usual condition of mortals — inaction or overaction in the body is inevitable. When, in place of the sense of fear, a sense of safety is established, the body will function as it should.

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