Presence of Mind


When Moses was engaged in the tremendous task of leading his people from Egypt through the desert up to the gates of the Promised Land, at times he wavered. He doubted his ability to succeed. Then the word from God came to him, “My presence shall go with thee.”

How many times have you, when faced with sudden danger, acted with, “presence of Mind”? You did what unseen Intelligence directed you to do. You had no time to consider or to argue, but you acted, without doubt or hesitation, upon the divine impulse, and did the thing, or took the course, which brought you to safety.

So Moses, faced by rebellion and starvation in the wilderness, gave himself to that Presence, that ever watchful Intelligence which always accompanies man; for Christian Science makes plain, that in God, Mind, we live, and move, and have our being. Moses drew upon that presence for the understanding, courage, and resourcefulness which the occasion demanded, and he became one of the great leaders in history.

Every man who accomplishes anything worth mentioning, whether in business, government, or religion, learns to lean on the everpresent Mind. He receives from Mind the thoughts needed to conduct his business successfully, to build the bridge or tunnel assigned to him, or to direct the ship of state through troubled waters.

Likewise, the man in despair can recognize and actually feel the presence of God as Love, and know that he can’t stray beyond God’s care. He knows that in some way all his difficulties can be healed by the divine Love which clothes the lilies and is mindful of the sparrow’s fall.

That perfect man is your true and only self. He may seem to be obscure today, he may seem to be temporarily forgotten, but he is present and awaiting recognition.

To voice these truths is to bring to remembrance, little by little, the perfect man you always were, and always will be.

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