“The Alibi Styled Age” – an excerpt


Once have I heard, indeed twice, someone say something about getting old. And it just makes me indignant. It is the most stupendous lie anybody can utter, the most ruinous, and the lie the devil best likes one to tell.

If you said it to anybody else you would be in immediate danger of the judgment. Well, you are in the same danger when you say it to yourself. So stop it. Refuse to accept its symptoms, and above all refuse to believe that anyone else can see or accept them. How in the world could he see them when looking at an exhibition of imperishable Life?

Life is imperishable. It is your life we are talking about now. This means that Life has no beginning, no ending, no danger, no disease, no age. Say this once in a while, having your own life in mind. You know you do not have much to do except to say things. Choose to say wise things and true.

If Life knew any diseases it could not be everlasting. If Life could slacken or experience any obstruction in its functions, it would eventually come to an end. But it can not end. It is perpetually and irresistibly in operation in you.

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