The Challenge to Defeatism

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We are not helpless in the confusion and turmoil of the times. We have the capacity to extinguish, noiselessly and finally, the fanatical influences bent on upsetting industry and government, and society itself. The totalitarians assume that this period of decadence has arrived. They reckon that the hour has struck for demolishing democratic and Christian civilization.

Sound idealism recognizes that the loss of social, political, or economic freedom jeopardizes spiritual freedom. Hence it is that the Christian is never an appeaser or compromiser when liberty is at stake. Our weapon is of the sort that these inimical influences cannot see or cope with. Our weapon is the truth that Principle governs in all times and in all places, making unprincipled forces of none effect. “The Lord shall have them in derision.”

The leaders in labor, in business, in government must learn that God directs the affairs of men. He rules there today, just as He has always done, regardless of the apparent rule of selfishness, strife, and oppression. “He disappointeth the devices of the crafty.” There is no other government than His. Ultimately this government will be seen to prevail.

Militant materialism, destitute of rationality, must go down in confusion and defeat when challenged by the normal and spiritual forces of Christian Science. “The Lord God omnipotent reigneth” is not sounding brass. Neither is the assurance, “He disappointeth the devices of the crafty.” The Bible promises are kept, because they are more than promises, they are undefeatable facts.

Every individual should fervently pray that his nation proceed wisely and swiftly in the crisis. Each day he should set aside time to realize: “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved.” This prayer should extend to insisting that men and women in places of responsibility will have the courage and resourcefulness to play their part in the world drama.

The forces of evil carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. They have no intelligence. They border on lunacy. We should say and know these things, consistently and expectantly. The truth thereby released will not return void. It is the word of God which accomplishes that whereunto it is sent.

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