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The Inner Man of Spirit


When you close your eyes and silence the noises brought in by the five senses, you observe that you are a consciousness rather than a corporeality. Expansion takes place immediately. If you follow up this clue and reflect for a time on the inner wonders of being rather than on the outer attractions of the world, you reach the astonishing conclusion, maybe, that you are an out and out intelligence, traversing this earth in quest of improvement and achievement.

Not a material mortal, certainly you are not. How have we ever descended into that gross concept of man? Why do we insist that we are mortals? A strange perversity, is it not, and so far as you and I know, an unaccountable one. And yet, day by day, we drop from our native level of spirituality to the unnatural level of materiality, even from manliness to unmanliness now and then.

We do it voluntarily apparently, and by the simple yet devastating process of appraising ourselves as mortals, doomed to walk this troubled world for a period and soon to be arraigned before an unknown court for reward or punishment. When all the time we are immortals, with structures spiritual and enduring, inhabiting a realm where security and satisfaction are guaranteed. Now figure out the implications, and you will begin to get acquainted with yourself and find how wonderfully and fearfully you are made.

This lowering of one’s appraisal of man to the level of a mortal, constitutes the traditional fall. It is the original sin, which is nothing more or less than a departure from reality, a deviation from truth, a renunciation of one’s birthright. Of course it bears consequences so long as indulged in. But the way back to a peaceful status is open. One can this moment orient himself, that is, he can change his mind and become sensible, insisting hour by hour that he is a man, and acting the part, which should not be difficult when he remembers that man, as already stated, is an intelligence, not a lump of clay.

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