The Obsession Called Disease


Every school of medicine recognizes that ills are mental and that a normal mental attitude, a healthful line of thinking and talking, will heal disease.

Disease is not only mental, it is mesmeric. How shall we break the mesmerism? Have you ever said to yourself, “I am the temple of the living God, the place where limitless Life and Mind are in operation, the place where dullness and distress cannot enter”?

To talk to yourself this way, instead of rehearsing the depressing thoughts which try to command attention, is to speak the truth which shatters the mesmerism of suffering or discouragement. You can, if you will, carry on this rational conversation along with your ordinary work. This is having your conversation in heaven. It is prayer.

As you do this, consciousness will be lifted to the point where it will build a better body. Here is the temple of the living God. And if you even glimpse this sublime picture of yourself, your body will make little trouble. It will behave as well as it did when you were a youngster.

Under the influence of these truths we are now working out, we are growing into the stature of perfect manhood.

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