The Siren Call of Ease


Once I have heard, indeed twice, someone say something about getting old, and it just makes me indignant. It is the most stupendous lie anybody can utter, and the lie the devil best likes to tell.

Refuse to accept its symptoms, and above all, refuse that anyone else could see them or accept them. How in the world could anyone see age, when looking at an exhibition of imperishable life?

Age is not a necessity, an inevitable, or an honorable thing. It’s a surrender to the siren call of ease, where there is not ease.

Sometimes, you’ll notice, people lie down and take refuge in age. Tiring of work and responsibility, they step aside to make way for the children, or younger members of the firm. They used to do it at two score years. But no more. Today they’re on their toes at four score. Will the advancing race stop there? Certainly not! Age is doomed.

Every morning brings a new day to every individual, and a new life. These new mornings, fresh from the highlands of eternity, never cease to arrive. Individual life is continuous. It can’t hesitate or grow old.

So today we can go forward with as much vitality as the most favored individual in the land, if we’ll cultivate the habit of identifying ourselves every hour with omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

Then we learn something of the power of everlasting Life, its freedoms, and satisfactions, and its joys.

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