True Rest


The world is full of people who nightly turn to the Psalmist’s promise, “He giveth His beloved sleep.”

Now, some people try to minimize the need of sleep. They despise it, and regard it as a black-out. To me, sleep possesses more dignity. It is the realm from which weariness and fatigue have been banished. After we have basked in its balmy atmosphere for a few hours, we return to this hardworking world, refreshed, and ready to take up our labors where we laid them down the night before.

No doubt people in these hectic days indulge in too little sleep, rather than too much. You see it in their drawn and anxious expressions. There is no compelling necessity that you and I should deprive ourselves of reasonable quiet and rest.

But why, you ask, can’t one quiet down and go to sleep when the hour arrives? No doubt there are many reasons. I find that I lie awake when I should be asleep, because I like to keep my thinking on God.

I suspect that sleeplessness can be due to our reluctance to surrender. We do not drop anything except our burdens. The child who hasn’t taken on the anxieties of life, falls asleep as naturally as he wakens.

Don’t be too intense on this issue of sleep. Don’t contemplate how strong and refreshed you’ll be in the morning, if you enjoy a night’s rest, or on the other hand, picture how run down you’ll be when the sun rises and you haven’t had a full quota of slumber.

Put the brakes on these fretful night thoughts. They’re not yours. They are set in motion by mischievous suggestion which perched on your shoulder. Shoo him off. “Let God take over the night shift,” says the sensible businessman, when the hour comes to turn in.

In this peaceful attitude you will presently fall asleep. Avail yourself of the promise, “He giveth His beloved sleep.” You can depend on Him each night to lead you into that land of slumber. You don’t have to work or struggle. Let Him take possession.

Say to yourself, as did the Psalmist, “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep; for Thou Lord, only makest me to dwell in safety.”

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