Trusting God


Troubles, whether in the nature of sickness, confusion, discouragement, or whatnot, come from our misinterpretation, not only of the world about us but of our own selves. We fail to see situations as they are. Diseases of all types, and interferences with our careers, are not what they seem. Right where they appear, the full perfection of being, which we misinterpret, is in operation.

You have seen the surf riders of the South Seas, at least you have seen pictures of them. They appear to lean back on an unseen power and receive its support and propulsion. Thus reinforced they glide over the waves with as much assurance as others walk the city streets.

You can lean back on all-knowing Mind and enjoy its intelligence and direction. Or rather you can allow that Mind to be in you and propel every process of your economy. Indeed, this is precisely what is going on, anyhow. It is up to you to admit the fact and be young and well.

Do not wrestle too hard. Take time off occasionally to be just lazy and ordinary. Then it is that you are most likely to hear what the Lord is saying. Never doubt it; He is talking to you pretty constantly. All of which is perfectly natural, because He is your Mind.

This same Mind shapes all your affairs, whether personal or business. It is a case of the Almighty being at the helm. Acknowledge this and permit Him to direct your course.

What if you are now and then assailed by troublesome symptoms? Happily you can always say to them: “You have no intelligence, no animation, no occasion, no presence. The divine Mind knows nothing about you. The divine Mind is my mind and my only mentality. Therefore, I know nothing about you. Depart, you workers of iniquity.”

Put on a command performance. Do not be a sluggard. Be a hero in the strife. You have the authority to speak in this way, for the kingdom of God is within you. Hence it is that yours is the kingdom, the power, the authority, and the victory. Do not hesitate to make demands on the Almighty. Literally He is in the midst of you. He enters every fiber of your being. No tempest can move or disturb you.

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