Discouragement Outlawed

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Are you doubtful or discouraged because you are not healed quicker? That is the devil’s device to keep you in an inharmonious state of mind, so that, in belief, your food will not assimilate, your bodily organs will not act properly, and poisons will continue to be secreted in your system. Do not be caught by this snare of the devil. Know that God made man, that all God’s works are perfect; that health and harmony are eternal laws of God, and are present facts. Resting in this assurance, be hopeful, cheerful, patient and persistent. Maintain the joy of the Lord. Rule out all inharmonious and ungodlike emotions and sentiments. Keep them out by relying on God and by meditating on His law. If you do this persistently, the mortal-mind so-called causes of your trouble will be removed; your food will assimilate better; malnutrition will gradually cease; poisons will cease to be formed; the poisons already in your system, in belief, will be gradually eliminated; new and healthy tissues will be built up. It often takes time to accomplish this, but what of it? You entertained wrong mental states for weeks and months before the resulting disease developed. Is it any wonder that you should be required to entertain right and God-like habits of thought for weeks before the disease disappears?

And do you not see that if you allow yourself to vacillate between hope and fear, between confidence and doubt, between trust in God and anxiety, and do not trust God with your whole heart, you are delaying your healing just so much? It is practically certain that if you maintain a confident, hopeful, cheerful frame of mind, without interruption, for a number of weeks consecutively, beneficial physical results will be in evidence. “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.” The summation of the matter is: If you want to be well, believe in God, and the all-power and all-presence of good; in the essential nothingness and impermanency of evil in its every manifestation; cultivate and maintain God-like qualities of mind; cast out and refuse to entertain all ungodlike qualities of mind, however much excuse there may seem to be for entertaining them; keep your confidence in God, and keep on doing it; and, meanwhile, place your sole reliance for healing upon Spirit, and withdraw your reliance absolutely from matter, whether in the form of drugs, or in any other form, thus honoring the Lord your God with your whole trust and with your whole reliance. Follow this program faithfully and without cessation; and your reward is sure; and it will come in such time as is really for your best good. To carry out this program, do not hesitate at any amount of effort, nor at any reasonable expense, nor at any sacrifice of worldly plans and pleasures; for that which you will attain as the result of this program will be the salvation of your soul, the being made whole and God-like in your consciousness.

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