Evil Hath No Origin

From Dominion Within, by Rev. G. A. Kratzer, page 71

God, the infinite Good, created all that is, and Good never created its opposite, any more than light could create darkness. Therefore evil is not created, and does not belong to reality. It is an appearance without foundation in fact; therefore an illusion; therefore no thing, nothing.

When did truth become a lie?? The answer is, Truth did not become a lie. When did evil, illusion, nothing begin? The answer is, Evil, no thing, nothing, did not begin.

Philosophizing about the origin of nothing has consumed such an amount of time and effort that, had they been spent in contemplation of the Truth which heals, much more of health and good would have been demonstrated.

All sins and evils are mistakes. God never makes mistakes. Hence mortal mind makes its own mistakes, and God is not the author of sin or evil.

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