From Sickness to Health


Matter is non-intelligent and possesses neither consciousness nor the power of motion. It cannot plan its own states. It cannot rearrange itself, whether in the mass or in molecular relations. Matter is a belief or shadow, which mortal mind images forth. Therefore, all states and conditions of matter are determined by mortal mind — unless, through the operation of Scientific Christianity, mortal mind has been brought under control by the conscious application of divine Mind.

If a person entertains, in a habitual way, anger, anxiety, grief, malice, envy, self-condemnation, or any inharmonious mental state, that mental condition is almost sure, sooner or later, to be pictured forth in some inharmonious condition of the body. The chief effort should be to overcome the inharmonious mental habits, being sure that, as soon as they are overcome, or very soon after, the disease will disappear.

Are you tempted to be anxious about anything? Are you given to worry and fretting? No person ever bettered his condition in the least by entertaining any such sentiments; but many have done themselves, in appearance, incalculable harm by cherishing anxiety and worry. Do your duty by God, by your fellow men, and by yourself, hour by hour, and day by day, as well as you know how, and let it rest at that. “Why are ye anxious for the morrow, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed? Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Do the best you can at all times. Having done that, “be careful (full of care) for nothing.” If you believe God, you have no occasion to worry. If you really believe and trust Him, your needs will be met, day by day, whether you can see the way in advance or not.

Are you tempted to grieve over the loss of some cherished possession or over the so-called death of some loved one? Know that God has made all that really is, and that nothing which He has made can be destroyed. Know that no real good is, in truth, separated from you for an instant, and know that it is not in the power of error to keep you very long from realizing this fact.

All that seems lost to you will soon be restored to you with a more perfect and satisfying possession or understanding thereof, — and the sooner, in proportion as you know this to be true and have confidence in the imperishability of that which is good. Nothing is lost in truth, nor is the realization thereof lost very long to those who know this fact. “I would that you sorrow not as those who know not the gospel.” God does not grieve over anything. He has no occasion to. In truth, you are His image and likeness; and you have no occasion for grief, if you do not allow yourself to be deceived by appearances, but, on the contrary, hang on to your Scientific knowledge of things as they are. The Christian who really believes his faith has little occasion for grief. Put it out of mind as not belonging to your high calling in Christ Jesus, if you would be holy, happy, and well.

The whole universe is ruled absolutely by God, Love, unadulterated good. If you actually believe this, you have nothing to fear, nothing to be anxious about, nothing to be discouraged about. It is only the cherishing of fear, anxiety, doubt, and discouragement which can long cloud over from your realization the health, harmony, strength and abundance which God has provided from the foundation of the world, and which are already yours, and which are constantly closer to you than the air you breathe, and from which, in reality, you can never get away. Therefore, don’t be afraid; don’t be anxious; don’t grieve; don’t be discouraged: you cannot afford to. Hope and trust in God; and keep at it, through thick and thin of the clouds of mortal error, and they will soon vanish entirely.

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