All Love Does

From Mary Baker Eddy’s Lessons of the Seventh Day, (the “brown book”), by

I walk the earth in the atmosphere of Love which holds me in spiritual gravitation. The Love that I reflect repels every error of mortal mind, for Love is the only law and Love is all activity. Love fills all channels and expels all error. Love purifies, inspires, protects, and satisfies.

Love contains, Love maintains, Love sustains, Love does liberate, unbind, unseal and deliver; naught can hinder Love. Love does supply with perfect freedom, Love does furnish, provide, adorn with great liberty. Love does glow, warm, shine, light with its rays of glory.

Love does illumine, irradiate, beam with resplendent brilliancy.

Love is the only and all of spiritual attainment in spiritual growth. Without it healing is not done and cannot be, either morally or physically. Every advance step will show you this until victory is won, and you possess no other consciousness but Love divine.

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