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God is a business God. He attends to the business of the universe, and you reflect this business ability. The divine and perfect law of attraction is operating in and through the law of adjustment, bringing to me all that belongs to me. Today divine Mind adjusts me to my work, and adjusts my work to me. Under this law of adjustment, God’s law, my work must be successful. Through steadfast declaration, work and worker are brought together. Thus supply meets supply and God’s perfect law is brought into manifestation.

Whenever there seems to be a lack or need in your experience, that simply indicates the scientific fact that the seeming need is already supplied by God’s gracious abundance. Then give thanks with your whole heart because you have learned in Christian Science that God’s supply is ever at hand.

God is always with a good desire giving it power, activity, energy, intelligent action and rich fruition. He brings every right endeavor to its fulfillment, and gives more blessings than one has sought.

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