Christian Science Treatment

From Divinity Course and General Collectanea, by Mary Baker Eddy

When we turn for power from matter to Spirit, we can move mountains, surmount obstacles, and achieve every success, and overcome fear and sin.

There is but one Infinity and that includes all. The action, force, and power of Truth is self-evident, self-sustaining; nothing can interfere with it; it is perfection, and life.

Every Christian Science treatment is accumulative; the work goes on to bless all mankind. Error is non-scientific thinking, and scientific thinking is all that is needed to destroy it. A treatment must include the realization that it goes forth with power and truth, and cannot be reversed. We must go ahead of error, and keep ahead of error all the way. Error is nothing but erroneous thought, and we must never give in to it or go down before it. The law of God includes a law that annuls every false claim, and we know it and must use it.

Mental activity must be tranquil — not lazy; it must express force, and it must know the reality of man’s oneness with God, and the utter unreality of evil in all its forms of belief. Know that your treatments are good ones, and have no fear that they are not. A Christian Science treatment is never afraid it will not work.

Every pure thought falling silently and gently into human consciousness does its part in cleansing the whole world, just as every falling snowflake does its silent share in transforming the noisomeness of the grimy earth into a soft white blanket of purity. We must remember that the smallest truth is mightier than the greatest lie the world has ever known. The one is as enduring as eternity; the other is as transient as a shadow. Take from a lie its power to deceive and it becomes nothing.

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