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From Lessons of the Seventh Day by , page 301

There is no such thing as a mortal despot, no personal control, in our church thought.

Do not declare there is no channel through which evil can operate. We do not destroy evil by removing channels, so-called. Evil will find channels so long as we think it is something. Work impersonally by declaring that the church is an association of active ideas, governed by divine Life, Truth, and Love.

Divine Life, Truth, and Love assemble the audience and “when I shall be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me.” Love is the only attraction, divine Life, Truth, and Love deliver the message. Love is the only impulsion and there is no mesmerism, resistance to Truth. There is no reversal of the Word through the so-called law of reaction which claims to equal the law of action, God’s law.

Our Readers, our Board of Directors, our President, is divine Love. Our service is to seek, not our own, but another’s good. There is no law of monopoly or exclusion, no personal control. There is eternal and perfect influence, it is the influence of divine Mind. There is no mental malpractice or mortal mind government.

All government is of God.

In unity there is strength. Unity of thought and action is the protection of the Christian Science Church. God’s ideas are equal, each in his right place (at-one-ment). Differences between Christian Scientists are the devil’s best workers.

Comparisons are wrong. Each man is complete and perfect and we must know no other man. God is the only cause, Spirit the only substance, Love the only Force, harmony the only law. Unselfed interest is the right attitude for church workers.

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