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Our home is in divine Mind, is spiritual con­sciousness, the eternal harmony of Soul. The builder or maker of this home or consciousness, or aggregation of right ideas, is God. It is BUILT AND ESTABLISHED.

Nothing can destroy the harmony of our home. Mind fills it with the glories of right ideas. No fear of sin, sickness or death can enter this home. No sense of poverty or want, no sense of lack of supply has any presence or place there. They are but illusions, nothing but animal magnetism, sin, a belief in a power apart from God.

We do dwell in the secret place of the Most High and are ever conscious of His infinite riches and abundance of Love. God is our supply inexhaustible and we do realize it. Poverty is a lie about the Truth; has never been felt. There is no rejection of the Truth in our home, no resistance to it and no indifference to it. Every manifesta­tion there reflects the allness of God, good.

Animal magnetism does not deceive me. It is not my consciousness. I do not hear it argue, neither can it argue. It is neither mind, life nor intelligence; neither person, place nor thing. Try to realize the omnipresence of Life and Love, the inbreathing of His presence. Arouse yourself to a clear sense of God’s power, the eternal and ever-conscious Mind which knows only Life.

Animal magnetism, ignorant or malicious, you can­not separate me from God, good. You cannot dim my spiritual perception. You cannot make a law that I can­not heal myself or others. God is my refuge; the only in­telligence, the only power, the only Mind. Animal magnetism is not intelligence, is not mind nor any of its attributes.

Animal magnetism, you are a nonentity, nowhere, nothing. Animal magnetism cannot think or feel. It has no existence nor creation. It never has been nor ever will be. It cannot maintain itself in my consciousness as life governed by a sympathetic system of nerves, neither as an organism sending forth impure secretions; neither as im­purities, deformities, or abnormalities; for God is All-in­-all, the only creator of the only universe and man. We are His children and we do realize the all-fullness of the omnipotence of God.

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