I Shall Labor On

From Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Precepts, Volume 1, by Gilbert Carpenter

With Love’s battle flags unfurled,
With hope’s cause before the world,
     We are going on;
Though the storm clouds thunder o’er us,
Though the path seems dark before us,
Though the foeman strive to kill us
     We are going on;
For our Master led the way,
Fought the fight, and won the day!
Follow, follow, all who may,
     Going on, going on.

Stand ye only back,
who dare not the cross of Christ to bear;
     We are going on;
Triumph’s star above us gleaming,
Victory on our foreheads beaming,
For fresh duties hourly reaching,
     We are going on;
To fulfill each hope and aim.
Conquer sickness, sin, and blame,
And each erring heart reclaim
     Going on, going on.

From the darkness of the night
Into morning’s golden light,
     Sisters, — labor on;
With the aid of God’s own Science,
With no heed of hate’s defiance,
Truth and Right my sole reliance,
     I shall labor on.

Your loving Teacher, (Signed) M. B. Glover Eddy

So this poem sets forth the rule of protection, in going on, going on, keeping your thought moving on. The whole call is for activity. The student of Christian Science can never accomplish anything of value, if his thought is handled by apathy, inertia, or lethargy. Error cannot hit a moving target. An active thought is untouchable.

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