Letter on Sight


This letter was written by Mrs. Eddy to one of her students in Denver, Colorado.

My dear,

You took off your glasses and held on to your faith in them instead of losing your faith in them, and the necessity of wearing them. The veil that seems to be in front of your eyes is back of them. The veil is the physical senses. They cause you to worry. The condition of the body only expresses a mental condition.

Can you adjust yourself to everything that comes your way? It is the Mind, or Spirit, that sees, and your eyes are only the instruments with which you see. When you are trying to do something that you do not understand, you say, “I do not see how to do it,” and when you get a clearer idea about it you say, “I see it now.” That is the sight, or insight, that sees. Seeing is understanding, and if you could see why you cannot see, you could see, for the body is renewed by the renewing of the Mind.

You should be as unconscious of your eyes when looking at anything as you are of your tongue when talking, or your feet when dancing, and you can only do that by realizing that God is your sight — that God is intelligence, and your eyes express the intelligence of God.

Do not think of me as treating your eyes to heal them directly, but as treating you to give a better understanding of what God is, and your relation to Him. When you see (understand) yourself as one of God’s ideas, instead of thinking of yourself as flesh and blood, you will not strain your eyes to see, for you will realize that it is your consciousness of God that is your real life and that it is Mind that sees.

There is only one Mind, but there seems to be two; one is a reflection of the other. The divine Mind is the ONE, and the other is only the human sense of the divine. We may call them the Mind of the Spirit and the mind of the flesh: the objective and subjective, the conscious and the sub-conscious, the one that knows and the one that thinks.

When you gain an understanding of the Principle of sight, and think of your eyes (without doubt, or fear, or anxiety) as improving or being perfect — that thought sinks into your inner consciousness and becomes part of your real self, and you do not think — you know it, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The original ideas that come to you through the Spirit, or consciousness, you know before you think, and the ideas that you get from others, or through the senses, you must think before you can know.

We can think or believe a lie, but we can never know it — because it is unknowable. A child can think that two and two makes five, but it cannot know it, because two and two are four. We think in the senses, and know in the Spirit. God does not think, He knows; and we receive from Him all that we desire, when we make ourselves ready to receive it in His way.

It is getting a clearer insight into the understanding of God, of what God is, that heals the defects that are manifested in the eyes — or any of our physical senses. It is not the sense of sight, but your sensitiveness about your sense of sight that has to be healed. The sense of feeling affects all the other senses, and if you are sensitive about appearance, what people say or think about you, or what they do or say to you, or about climate or cold, what you eat, what you wear, what you work at, or what you receive for it, or any other thing that displeases you, if you let it stir you up, it will go on to the weakest part of your body. A pain is only a frown expressed on the place where the trouble is; and the only remedy for it is to realize there is only One Mind, and that “All things work together for good to those who love God.”

The senses tell us that we should be healed, because we are so faithful in our reading. Then we look for results, and that puts healing first and the Principle that healed, second — matter first, and Mind second.

Love for Truth makes Mind first in our affections, and then health and all the other things we desire shall be added unto us.

We must get away from ourselves, or outside of ourselves — “absent from the body and present with the Lord.”

We should each make ourselves one with God, and then look upon our body as if it belonged to another person.

When we see ourselves as God sees us, we can see our body as perfect as our conception of God.


Mary B. Eddy

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