Materia Medica

From Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, given by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 110-111

There is no power, intelligence or principle, mesmeric or hypnotic, in materia medica, as individual or collective mind. Therefore, it cannot blind nor hypnotize mortals, through human beliefs or will-power, from seeking the true healing, as it is in Christ Jesus and Christian Science.

There is but one Physician, because there is but one Mind; whose medicine is Truth; which destroys all error; whose attraction is Love, which casteth out all fear. This is the one Mind, which was also in Christ Jesus, and this Mind alone can draw all men unto Him — divine Love.

Materia medica cannot hide under the guise of hygiene, witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, mind-cure, faithcure, or any other subtle form of carnality, for to be carnally-minded is death. Man (I) cannot be bewitched or mesmerized by alluring or high sounding phrases or methods, nor by any personality, individual or collective, which substitutes matter and materia medica for the healing power of Truth, Christ. The nothingness and impotence of materia medica is demonstrated through divine Science by its loyal students, who reflect divine intelligence, which destroys any claim of intelligence not in God, good, divine Mind. To enmity’s own hell of ignorance, superstition, hypocrisy and hatred, justice consigns the lie, which would slay man in order to satisfy its own beliefs in materia medica and false theology. God made man immortal and in His image, the image of His own eternity, and to this end gave him dominion over all the earth, over all the works of His hands. This is the Truth of being, and nothing can change the Truth into a lie.

Nothing can wrest man out of the Father’s hand, for “It is He who hath made us, and not we ourselves,” and hath given us life everlasting. Therefore, health, harmony and immortality are the everlasting facts of being. It is so.

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