Mrs. Eddy and the Bible

Mrs. Eddy refers to the Bible specifically over 600 times in her writings, and she incorporates hundreds of Scriptural quotations in her articles and books.

The following was found in one of Mrs. Eddy’s Bibles, penned by her on note paper.


  • It is a book of laws to show the right and wrong.
  • It is a book of wisdom that condemns all folly.
  • It is a book of Truth that condemns all error.
  • It is a book of Life that shows the way from everlasting death.
  • It will puzzle the most skillful Anatomist and critic.
  • It exposes the subtle sophist, and drives diviners mad.
  • It is the best covenant that was ever agreed to, the best deed that was ever sealed.
  • It is a complete code of laws, a perfect body of divinity an unequalled narrative.
  • Author — God

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