Practice having a sense of possession of all things. Taking possession of what God gives us is the step leading to God giving us what we desire. If you take possession of what is at hand for you, it becomes the loaves and fishes for you, the basis of multiplication. Jesus’ first question was, “How many loaves have you?” You must first have the consciousness of something to multiply. Keep practicing “this is mine” until the spirit of possession is gained, and you will feel “all things are mine.”

You must have a clear enough sense of possession to make others feel it. “All things that are the Father’s are mine” means just what it says. Things that have no possessor, anyone can claim. This is a sense of the Kingdom of Heaven within that gives power and control. Conviction is dominion. As we argue this of possession we shall see that a sense of loss is not possible.

Mind is all that recognizes or experiences within itself all power, all ability, all achievement, all results. Let us rid ourselves of an outside world, and learn that we possess all things, and were given dominion. A sense of possession is as much a law of your being as the distinct sense of activity. Take possession of healing, of health, of demonstration, of results, of a sense of results. Let the results be what you decide and not what some other mortal thinks for you. Our land of Canaan lies before you. Let us go in and possess the land.

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