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Radiation and Absorption


This article appeared in an 1887 Journal, and it is thought to have been written by Mary Baker Eddy.

God, the source of all being — the atmosphere, so to speak, in which all living move and have being, — is Radiation, continual action. Man, as His idea, possessing His qualities, also radiates His thought, comprising all that is Good, harmonious, and perfect. That constant radiation of Light is the Armor of Righteousness, which always protects man from his enemy the devil (mortal mind).

All mortal mind is the counterfeit, or opposite, of this Life-principle, and is absorption, blackness, and stagnation, which strives, with apparent power, to set up its counter-current of malice, envy, and selfishness, to render its victim an absorbent of all that is evil, erroneous, causing stagnation and death.

As man cannot, at the same time, radiate and absorb, by constantly sending forth thoughts of Love, Life, and Truth, whenever a delusion of their opposites presents itself, he may have a veritable armor against fears of weakness of every description, and so keep prepared for, and guard against, attacks from all directions. This idea will bear much contemplation, growing and amplifying with application. Thus — God, Light, Action, Life, Truth, or Love, is the invincible Power, which repels and conquers animal magnetism, blackness, stagnation, death, error, and hate. Christian Scientists will find the effect of the approach and attack of mesmerism to be a sort of paralysis, or inaction of mind, which will be revealed upon the recovery of the right condition of thought, by the vitality and Life that has conquered and destroyed the numbness and fear.

When such an attack seems to approach, — by immediately reversing the condition of mind, and mentally inquiring of self, “Am I radiating good or am I absorbing evil?” — and putting that thought into action, by addressing the counteracting thought of Spirit to whatever seems to be attacking you from mortal mind, — you will set yourself free from bondage, and render yourself the medium of demonstration for those blessings you so freely receive from the source of all Good.

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