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From Essays and Other Footprints, by Mary Baker Eddy

Sleep is mesmerism. True sleep is being unconscious of matter and in the consciousness of God; this rests us for it is a type of true spiritual unity. There is no wakeful dream, no sleeping dream. Mind is All.

When you lie down to sleep, know that you have self-control, and that the everlasting arms are about you, and nothing can intrude into your quiet sanctuary — your peace and quiet. You say you cannot sleep. Why not rather say that you rest in God who does not sleep? You need no sleep. Realize this, and the fear that you will not sleep will disappear, and you will sleep. It is the assurance of knowing that makes us master of the situation.

We see the flower before we behold the seed. We learn our lessons before they are voiced to us. The solution of the problem always comes before the problem. That is how God’s work is finished. Rest comes before sleep.

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