The Law of God to this Day (complete)

from Mary Baker Eddy’s Lessons of the Seventh Day, the “brown book”
by , page 148

There is nothing but complete immunity from all disease. The law of God to this day is the law of exemption from all disease to all Christian Science teachers, practitioners, patients — a law of exemption from the belief of fear, of accident or death. This day is God’s day, Mind’s day; it is the day of infinite being, the day of infinite Life, the day of infinite substance.

The law of God to this day is a law of infinite perfection, of action, and of perfection in every manifestation.

All things which pertain to this day are already perfected, already arranged and completed; under Christian Science treatment this completeness unfolds. There is no deterioration in this day to mind or body in belief, or at all.

This so-called law of deterioration is broken, annulled, now and forever. There is no growth materially that can result in deterioration and decay. All being is already established and is mature, and perfectly mature. There is no age, no growing old in this day in belief, or at all. There is no law of death or disease in this day; the belief of such a law is annulled now and forever.

This law of God to this day is a law of perfect Mind, perfect consciousness to infinite creation. It is a law of understanding to every Christian Scientist — a law of completeness and harmonious comprehension of Christian Science to all mankind.

It is a law of correct statement, a law of divine understanding, a law of progress, of aspiration and inspiration to every Christian Scientist, and to all mankind.

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