Your Own Thought

This article was ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy by one of her students and can be found in the book Essays and Other Footprints, by Richard Oakes

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Whoever scorns another depreciates himself. Whoever sees another less than the image of God, defaces his vision of the excellence of his own true being and of the righteousness of God. Whoever declares another’s fallen condition, admits his own and lays himself open to like temptation, for we be brethren; one cannot sneer at another’s weakness and be quite strong himself. One cannot desire to find in another the marks of impurity and not find himself less pure. In Christian Science it is realized that the admission of evil into thought is a crime against the thinker, and its presence is his punishment.

One needs to protect himself from his own false beliefs alone; therefore, the only wrong thinker, or mental malpractitioner, there is or can be is one’s self. The beam in one’s own eye is the whole of evil. Of what does our human concept consist, and who created it? All our warfare is located within the confines of our thought. Evil cannot be located, because it cannot be confined.

When you see error, you must destroy the seeming power for all, as well as for yourself. I heal you because I heal myself. We will see the idea and its identity when thought is spiritualized. Each individualized consciousness is ever in touch with all other individual thought — the universal Christ consciousness. God’s idea of us is the only idea we can have of ourselves. The only way to get at anyone is to get at them through God. Man is simply the idea of God individualized; so this spiritual idea forgives our sins and heals our diseases by our becoming this idea. Life, Truth and Love are one, the only one, and you are the manifestation of that one now.

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