Handling Weather Broadcasts


At first glance, the 24/7 Weather Channel seems innocent enough, along with other television networks weather broadcasts. But as for so-called “superstorms” and other extreme-weather events, I always change the channel because such things are no different than presenting a physician’s detailed, drawn-out, description of the symptoms of some dreadfully “incurable” or “progressive” disease before an audience of hundreds of millions.

First of all, the use of words that are constantly, unconsciously breaking the first commandment creates, almost instantly, a great number of malpracticers obliviously viewing the storm as malicious mind (personal sense) views it.

Secondly, the idolatry of force-feeding satellite images and computer-generated “models” constructed by “experts” looped (for dramatic effect) depicting the size of the storm, obstinately (and unnaturally) stationary: more audience-titillating emotional binging on the “reality” of the storm’s Goliath-like proportions. Adding to the aggressiveness of the hurricane suggestion are the climate-change believers, who always appear to be so desperate to see their apocalyptic dreams come true.

While we can certainly be thankful for this technology, its overuse is simply wrong because it is malpracticing on planet Earth: technologically enabled malpractice — unprecedented in the history of broadcasting until only very recently — and, through the law of attraction, it only serves to strengthen storms (such as Sandy a few years ago). This is the additional, supplementary evil that goes far beyond the simple reporting of a storm — mass-mesmerism — and it needs to be thoroughly neutralized.

From Watches, Prayers, Arguments — “When I work for the weather, everybody wants fair weather, only they believe there will be bad weather, and I only have to overcome that belief; but when malice comes in and declares there shall be storms, then I have a task to overcome that. Now make real to yourselves: There is no envy, malice, hate nor revenge. God is Love, and Love is All. All is health and holiness. There is no opposite.”

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