“The blood of Jesus”

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“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb . . .” (Rev. 12:11) Quote re “the blood of Jesus” from a pamphlet issued in 1885 by the Massachusetts Metaphysical College:
“DEFENCE OF CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Against Rev. Joseph Cook and Dr. A. J. Gordon’s Religious BAN.” by Mary Baker G. Eddy
CS Journal, March 1885
[Compare this with Mrs. Eddy’s No and Yes, page 33.]

Mrs. Eddy: “‘The blood of Jesus speaketh better things than that of Abel.’ The body and blood of Christ were not material offerings: the blood of Spirit never flowed from human veins. Jesus said, ‘Spirit hath not flesh and blood.’”

[In other words, man is created in the image and likeness of God, that is, the image and likeness of Spirit. “Therefore, man is not material; he is spiritual” (Scientific Statement of Being). And therefore, the blood of Jesus was not a material offering, but spiritual.]

Mrs. Eddy’s continues:
“The sacrificial atonement by which Jesus’ struggle and triumph pointed man his way out of sin, sickness, and death, is too great, too glorious to be comprehended [in human terms, but] only as we love the Father, and sacrifice human affections to the divine. Not to appease the wrath of Love, but to destroy the human sense of hate and sin, Jesus suffered and gave his body a sacrifice for mortals. A human sense of love sees no farther than to die for a friend, but divine Love includes its enemies; and Love so great destroys hate, blessing itself in blessing its enemies. Any other than the spiritual signification of atonement removes its efficacy from Spirit to matter.

“The merit of Jesus’ atonement was increased instead of diminished, was more to me than you [clergymen attacking Christian Science, intent on banning it], when I learned in Christian Science it revealed the way out of sickness and death, as well as sin.”

From 1936 Primary Class, by Bicknell Young, page 111:

Question (by student): Is blood an idea?

Answer: Blood is the idea of Life. The claim that blood is a thing, is a false claim. Life is the only thing. The idea, then, is that Life is and is perfect.

From Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, given by Mary Baker Eddy, page 51:

WATCH — Blood is thought, and your blood is pure thought, a health-giving, life-giving thought, and nothing impure can enter into that thought; it is perfectly pure.

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