Creative Force and Atomic Power


In the first chapter of Genesis, we read that everything that God made was not only good, but very good. There was nothing made that had even a tinge of evil to it. The omnipotence of God precludes any supposed power apart from Him. We read in Isaiah 45:5, “I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me….” The second chapter of Genesis dealt with the supposed separation of man from his Maker, and God is now demoted from omnipotent goodness to a capricious tribal god, with both good and evil intent for his creation, man. Both of these creations in Genesis cannot be true, for they are antagonistic to one another.

Throughout the course of human history there have been two classes of men in constant struggle for supremacy – one for the supremacy of good and the other for the supremacy of evil. One type has sought the true nature of himself by searching for a higher and nobler concept of Deity. He has struggled for this higher concept for the betterment of himself and his neighbors. The second type is the old man. He seeks the nature of matter as the ultimate. He seeks his pleasures from matter and denies God, and then seeks laws and measures to protect his way of life. To protect his passion and greed for matter, he establishes himself as the authority and maintains this authority through force if necessary. This individual is the pseudo-intellectual. He attempts to make matter, and all that pertains to it, intelligent. Both of these types exist today, but both have developed in power and are separated more today than ever before, as the thinking of one is diametrically opposed to the other.

Enlightened thinking has divested matter of its solid pretensions by unveiling its false nature. Human intelligence has exposed matter’s innermost secrets to view with the electron microscope and other scientific paraphernalia. Man has come to the conclusion thus far, that force of some great magnitude governs matter. Material scientists endeavoring to name this force, call it anti-matter, gravity, electricity or neutrinos. We see now that mortal man no longer believes matter to be the ultimate, but is accepting the proposition that matter is but the outcome of something more ethereal, such as force or energy. They are coming to the irresistible conclusion that force is mind, not matter. Mankind has begun to translate force into its proper classification, and this classification process will enable man to see the spiritual manifestation of God.

Mortal mind is annoyed because it sees only dust in the microscope. What did mortal mind expect to see? It now has become self-evident to mortal thinking that its so called kingdom is nothing. All of its pleasures and joys are vain. The old man is angry, his systems of power and prestige are crumbling into their primitive state – dust, and its veil is being rent. Mortal sense is displeasured and angry. It is seeking to destroy its tormentor with the atom. The smallest and last particle of matter to be discovered is revolting. Isn’t that just like mortal mind, trying to be something with the nothing it doesn’t have? Trying to be destructive and coercive with something hidden to the unaided eye, error would turn its very nothingness upon us to save face.

When Mrs. Eddy wrote the Scientific Statement of Being, error was suppressed and laid waste. This statement completely nullifies the erroneous attraction of mortal mind calling itself material conception. This statement knows no matter. It gives mortal mind no force. Matter has endeavored to become beautiful, attractive and appealing to its own mortal senses, seeking to perpetuate itself. Instead, matter has become awesome and gross and capable of cataclysmic destruction. What is this attraction that conceives materiality, brings forth destruction, and says it controls the solar system and its elements? What then is this façade that man and the universe seek to emulate? On page 35 of Unity of Good, Mrs. Eddy says, “The material atom is an outlined falsity of consciousness, which can gather additional evidence of consciousness and life only as it adds lie to lie. This process it names material attraction, and endows with the double capacity of creator and creation.” Then our concept of creation determines the origin of force and power that we engender in consciousness. The attraction of elements and atoms comes only from lust in matter and its hated reaction to Truth.

This material attraction and creation which has been proved to be false is manifesting itself in the material attraction of atomic energy, calling itself fission and fusion. Matter cannot create a man or a woman, nor can matter create an atom bomb. It is only the anti-Christ which lusts after itself. It is endeavoring to perpetuate self, and it is this self which creates man and its false image with atomic reaction as its aggressive and forceful tendencies. Nothing ever reacts unless it has been questioned, tormented, stressed or agitated. Christian Science has done this to mortal mind. Isn’t it strange that in one breath mortal mind says it can create from dust, and then another breath says it can destroy all living things with dust? Error is such a two-faced liar.

Divine Love governs, guides, and guards His ideas. God is the only attraction men can seek or find. The attraction is the love of the Father-Mother for her children. All force, might, power and intelligence come from this Love, for it is not limited to finite affinity. Love knows no matter. The lust, hypocrisy, revenge and sensualism in this age, calling itself love, is blind stupidity. It is seeking to usurp the love of God and claim for the devil that which never was, nor never can be his. Through Christian Science man has been shown that the mortal creation and that which supposedly creates it, is neither wisdom, truth, nor love.

Now that the falsity of material creation, its attractions and forces, has been exposed as nothing, mortal mind, in a state of confusion, rebels. This rebelling process is manifest as the immorality of mortal mind and its hatred of truth. It seeks to destroy through explosive atomic power. Is it not strange that human attraction and atomic power are relying upon each other for mutual existence? Love is needed to quench the fiery darts of the wicked, for hatred brings spontaneous combustion, hence fire.

It was the discovery of Christian Science which enabled material science to discover the atom, for Science loosed the bound thought of a false creation. In Science and Health Mrs.Eddy says, “The multiplication of a human and mortal sense of persons and things is not creation. A sensual thought, like an atom of dust thrown into the face of spiritual immensity, is dense blindness instead of a scientific eternal consciousness of creation.“ How can atomic power be anything in the face of spiritual immensity, for the false belief about atomic power proceeds from sensuality. Again, Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings, “Atomic action is Mind, not matter.“ Divine Love, conquering all hatred, revenge and lust will destroy all the concepts and phases of error before mortal mind can release another deluge of so-called power.

If we were to read what Mrs. Eddy says about atom, atomic power, etc., we would find that she usually couples it with a statement of creation. We can now see how she was able to envision her lesson sermon, “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?“ On page 23 of Miscellaneous Writings Mrs. Eddy says, “The universe, including man, is not a result of atomic action, material force or energy; it is not organized dust.“ She knew mortal mind would attempt revolt when the false sense of creation was known to be a myth, so she gave us this lesson sermon to protect ourselves. Mrs. Eddy knew that the basic unit of matter, called atom, would be discovered to have no power but a false sense of force. Therefore she knew it would seek revenge on its persecutor with the intention of producing much havoc, and this only to blur the thought and confuse men. Mind is indeed the only atomic action.

Atomic energy is said to exist because energy becomes liberated by changes in the nucleus of an atom. Can this force or energy affect substantially any physical condition? If we believe mortal mind’s report, it can produce much suffering, but only to mortal sense. The narrative of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego furnishes us evidence of the powerlessness of hate, and the perfect protection afforded by divine Love. Had these children hated their persecutors they would have brought spontaneous combustion. However, their love of everyone saved them from the fiery furnace. Love was their protection and Love is our protection. When we believe the claims of mortal mind we give it a physical condition to affect. Without mortal creation and mortal thinking, atomic power is nonexistent in matter. Atomic energy is found to be the basis of Love when we see it spiritually. It binds all of God’s creation together. If we reverse the order of creation and see it as spiritual, then the following of Mrs. Eddy’s in Science and Health is proven, “CREATOR. Spirit; Mind; intelligence; the animating divine Principle of all that is real and good; …God, who made all that was made and could not create an atom or an element the opposite of Himself.” All atoms, all elements, all force, power, energy, activity, and all liberation come from God, Mind the only cause and Creator.

The universe represents the wholeness of God’s being. It is one system, the cosmos. This wholeness knows no destructive force because it is created in the image and likeness of Love, not hate. No vacuum is known, no void, for there are no vacuums in Science. Error is not at sometime replaced by Truth. Destructive atomic power is not at some period replaced with a power more pacific. Eternal Principle is governing and maintaining all throughout eternity.

We have all heard much about the program, “Atoms for Peace.“ [A program designed to inform the public of peaceful uses of atomic energy during 1950’s and 1960’s.] We as Christian Scientists know there can be no such thing as an atoms for peace until man sees the atom as spiritual and not material. In this way its sting is taken away and there are no destructive tendencies. We do not seek advantages and pleasures through material force or energy. We do not seek a better living standard through matter. We seek a better sense of Life and the high standards of Principle as understood in Christian Science. Our needs are then met. We must begin to see a spiritual universe and man which is never separated by matter. Then and only then will God’s creation come on earth.

To believe in the evolution of a material universe and of a material man, in a material manner, is to gradually give more power and attention to matter — to “add lie to lie.“ It makes matter more intelligent and substantial. The involvement of the spiritual universe as seen by the perfect idea is unfoldment and development, wherein man and the universe, His wholeness, is derived spiritually.

The first deluge came through water, which we know as the “great flood.“ This did not destroy error, for error’s malicious tendencies are more tenacious today than ever before. Noah sought to purify his people’s thinking, but they would not listen. Therefore, they were flooded out. Error did not have its secrets revealed so its hidden maliciousness remained to be destroyed. Noah did not know how to handle the secret workings of malicious animal magnetism, so he built an ark to protect himself and his family. Human hatred of the Truth is again raising its ugly hydra head. However, in this age error will not be flooded out because it is too strong and the waves would overturn the ark. Purification must come through a different and stronger means, and this time by fire. The hidden tendencies of mortal mind have been brought to the surface of error to be seen and destroyed, and destroyed they will be. Neither Noah nor his people had Christian Science.

Today we do have the truth of divine Science to establish an ark of perfect protection. This is not done by being wholly defensive, but by being on the offensive. It is attacking that which seeks to destroy the foundation of Truth. We are surrounded in a sphere (universe) of flame right now. This is the perfect purifying force of the Christ. Error cannot release its destruction on mankind if Christian Scientists check the sensualism and animosity of mortal mind. We have the means to do this, so it must be done. We have uncovered error and are its master. It does not control or harm us. We must let our light go forth with consuming fire, destroying all error before us. We must never let the counterfeit fire of sexuality produce violent agitation, tumult, or destruction. If there are to be trials and afflictions, we stand by the Christ and eject forcibly the irritant in consciousness.

The pillar of fire which appeared in the night to the Israelites, was Moses’ love for them. It was this light of fire which led them out of the darkened thought. We too must bring forth this pillar of fire so that all may learn from it. It is this pillar of fire which counteracts any fire of sensualism calling itself atomic power. We too are leading a nation into the promised land. We must let more love shine forth.

The parable of the Tares and Wheat gives us an account of the method that we should use in handling malicious animal magnetism. The tares were sewn at night which represents darkness, or the Adam dream. The servants wanted to go and pull up the tares, but the householder said no. He knew that when the tares were fully grown, they would destroy themselves by their very appearance. They would be seen as nothing in time of harvest, so he awaited God’s disposal of events. Evil continues to grow alongside of good until the time of harvest. This is the time when evil is completely destroyed because its nothingness is seen. Then the tares (malicious animal magnetism) are seen in its many phases, and bound into bundles (phases are handled), and cast into the fire. They no longer grow in the field. The wheat or goodness is not destroyed but is harvested. In Miscellany page 249, Mrs. Eddy says, “Unless withstood, the heat of hate burns the wheat, spares the tares, and sends forth a mental miasma fatal to health, happiness, and the morals of mankind,– and all this only to satiate its loathing of love and its revenge on the patience, silence, and lives of saints.“ It might also be pointed out that if the tares are eaten, they produce violent convulsion and even death. From this parable we learn the prophecy of the Master’s. Christian Scientists will handle error in its various phases and bind error so it cannot produce discord. Then Christian Scientists will cast error into the fire. The field of wheat is not put to the flame, for this could only serve the desire of error. Mortal mind is destroyed by the purifying elements of the spiritual creation. “Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” (Matthew 13:43) Heaven will come to earth, and Christianity will constitute all Science where atoms and elements are classified in Spirit, and Love will be acknowledged as the great and only cause.

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