Metaphysical Notes to use while working and watching for our Church and the world

From In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed by

“Loving Our Leader”

Page 3 — We must thoroughly handle the hatred of original sin directed at her, but which appears as our own thinking about her. Know there is no resistance or contempt for our Leader, her womanhood, her mothering, and her demonstration of Christian Science, her revelation of God’s motherhood.

Page 10 — The official rejection of our Leader in Boston produces an uphill struggle in the field to receive the most meager of healings and supply. If we specifically handle hatred for the revelator, healing will be widespread and instantaneous once again. The mental rejection of Mrs. Eddy tips the scale in favor of medicine, psychology, electricity, etc., and healing wanes; healing is wrenched from womanhood and returned to male energy.

Page 13 — We must handle the malice for the revelator, and we must be very alert to the dragon’s methods of warfare against the remnant of her seed. Although the elect are not totally deceived by these lies, they react to the errors produced by its distortion. It would overwhelm us by inducing feelings of sensitiveness, agitation, anxiety, justifiable irritation, futility, impatience, exasperation, and then fear and apathy. It may argue reaction, spite, anger, retaliation, resentment, sorrow, self-pity, loneliness, and the right to harbor ill will, but none of these are the divine method of warfare.

Page 14 — The remnant must be alert that they are not caught by this contagion and be found indirectly ‘knowing’ the error about Mrs. Eddy by reacting to it. It is a lie, an illusion. Remember, we are not fighting people, we are handling the belief of original sin.

Our Leader says, “No power can withstand divine Love.” (S&H p.224:31 only) Constancy and compassion are the only answer to this lie of sin; we must dearly love the revelator and her revelation. Our work is to see the nothingness of the lies about her and not to react. We must throw all of our weight “into the right scale.” Declare often, firmly and lovingly, Mary Baker Eddy is the Leader of the Christian Science movement and Christian Scientists know this as a fact. There is no power of animal magnetism to argue otherwise.

Page 16 — We can and do want to help our Leader and nothing can hinder us. Handle ambition, pride, and popularity. Know that Christian Scientists are awake and that officials cannot be glamored and covet praise. Malicious mental malpractice cannot use me. I am immune to the mesmeric and hypnotic influences of A.M. The all-absorbing Love destroys hate.

Page 17 — Mentally handle hatred, contempt and malice for the revelator’s demonstration of womanhood, mothering, the motherhood of God, and our Leader’s Mother Church.

Page 26 — “Keeping the truth of her character before the public will help the students, and do more than all else for the Cause. Christianity in its purity was lost by defaming and killing its defenders. Do not let this period repeat this mistake. The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner. The lie has just the opposite effect, and the evil one that leads all evil in this matter knows this more clearly than do the Christian Scientists in general.” (MBE, Collectanea p.74)

Page 30 — Mrs. Eddy wrote, “When the Discoverer of Christian Science in this age must deal with sinning, so-called Christian Scientists, those who know their Leader as she is must be awake to the delusions of M.A.M. that would make Jerusalem a waste and desert place. Take up those transgressors in our midst who would undo the work of their Leader. Waken to the need of this hour that those who would set aside the Manual of The Mother Church with its just By-Laws see the sinfulness of their ways.” (Divinity Course and General Collectanea p.53.)

Page 37 — We must defend our Leader. She says, “You cannot suffer for defending me which is acceptable in God’s sight. ‘Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of these little ones, you have done it to Me’, are His words. You cannot love me too much, for the love of good fulfils the law of Truth….” (DCC p.89) Mrs. Eddy understood the nature of this evil when she said, “I know the crucifixion of the one who presents truth in its highest aspect will be this time through a bigger error, through mortal mind instead of its lower stratum, or matter, showing that the idea given of God this time is higher, clearer and more permanent than before….You, dear student, are doubtless praying for me—and so the modern Law-giver is upheld for a time.” (DCC p.107) Who is praying today to uphold her place in Bible prophecy? If she did not fulfill Bible prophecy, Christian Science is not the revelation of Truth. Mrs. Eddy says, “Attacks on the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science are attacks on the Cause itself. When will you see this, and stop these efforts of animal magnetism to destroy us? The students alone will be responsible if these demon schemes are not ended.” (DCC p.124)

Christian Scientists are being mentally and morally paralyzed by the suggestions of malicious animal magnetism to resist the truth about their Leader. Mrs. Eddy says, “Malpractice would dominate, and unless Christian Scientists are awake to it and alert, it would hold back Christian Science for centuries.” (DCC p.225) Many minds are at work to keep us from seeing our Leader correctly. We must declare against this lie with an absolute conviction of its nothingness. We must not weigh against ourselves by admitting that this lie has any power. We must stand with the truth that we do love God and His representative, our neighbor, as ourselves. We must speak to the lie with the authority that our Leader has given to us. We must not react. Hate cannot claim to be a reality. Love is the fulfilling of the law. We must hold continually to our gratitude for her. Then joy keeps the door of spiritual revelation open. Our Leader says, “Our salvation is through Love. Call God Love always and bend all your efforts toward achieving perfect love in thought, word and deed. This is the way.” (DCC p.181) Absolutely refuse to react to this error in any way. See Truth alone.

Page 49 — How can these errors be corrected? Reverse the lies, stop the specific argument and claim of M.A.M., the red dragon, that God does not know Mrs. Eddy. Know that Christian Scientists do understand through their Leader’s writings that God knows our Leader and each one of us through the human consciousness He bestows. We are alert to consistently keep the fact of God’s Allness and the consequent nothingness of evil before us. There is no opposition to Love and Love’s idea. Our Leader says, “One’s protection against hate is the realization that divine Love flows through every avenue, cleanses every channel, and removes every obstruction. In fact, the law of Love is the law of elimination and the law of destruction to everything unlike itself.” (DCC p.210) God knows each and every one of us and we are not separated from His healing love. Know that man is loved and inseparable from Life.

Page 55 — Our Leader said, “You are master of the bad tendencies of Socialism and not at all at their cruel mercies.” (DCC p.108) If we allow mortal mind to proclaim that we are all the same, and allow Mrs. Eddy to become the focal point of this attack, the world suffers from an obscuration of individuality and identity. This is M.A.M. Does it seem obvious to you that the attempted takeover of all mankind by this error is nothing but unhandled hatred for Mrs. Eddy?

Pages 63-64 — Our Leader says, “Are you a Christian Scientist or not? Then take up the work and put an end to these scandalous attacks on your Leader and Best Earthly Friend. God is judging us this hour, and we shall be accountable to Him for all.” (DCC p.52) The red dragon cannot tell us we would be embarrassed to speak up for our Leader, for we are not cowards. We reflect Spirit as the source of all power and we have the dominion that enables us to help our Leader. There is no egotism of place or pride of intellect. No one but Mary Baker Eddy could have discovered Christian Science. The law of evil does not govern us. It is Love alone that founded our Cause and we will not allow the malice of A.M. to keep us from loving our Leader. She said, “My beloved students: Enter into the closet of divine Love and there in humility ask this ever-present power to shield and to defend you from the enemies of your souls and bodies, to defend you and guard you and guide you in the paths of righteousness, pleasantness and Truth.” (DCC p.160) See the nothingness of the lie by feeling the Allness that is divine Love.

Page 67 — “Declaring the truth regarding an individual or leader, rendering praise to whom praise is due, is not a symptom of this contagious malady, but persistent pursuit of his or her person is.” (Miscellany p.116) Personality is what personal sense sees, individuality is what God sees of His own, and, recognizing our oneness with God, we can see it also.

Page 77 — Know that Christian Scientists in positions of trust cannot be handled by projected arguments to diminish their regard for their Leader. In the Manual, Art. XXXIII Sect. 2, duties of the Committee on Publication, we read, “It shall be the duty of the Committee on Publication to correct…injustices done Mrs. Eddy….”

Page 78 — As the children of Soul, we deny the lie that says loving Mrs. Eddy is personality worship and deification. We cannot be mentally manipulated or hypnotized into believing such foolishness. It is nothing but projected mesmerism. Nothing can deprive me of my gratitude for her because divine Love fills all consciousness and removes all obstructions. This argument will not keep me from expressing my love for my Leader in testimonies, in speaking with friends or in defending her when any Christian Scientist speaks in an unscientific manner about her. I will not make a reality of this error by getting upset over it. I recognize it for the lie that it is, m.a.m., and know that divine Love destroys its influence right now. I will not be intimidated by this lie.

Page 82 — What are the results in the world of this error?

Christian Science is not understood or accepted. There are vicious attacks upon mothering, the motherhood of God, womanhood, and women. The elevation of Adam, the male element, is then given free reign to destroy all the progress that genuine womanhood has made. Love alone dissolves sin and annuls the hatred for Mrs. Eddy—the apathy and indifference that allow contempt for womanhood to go unchecked. It is never personal—it is always animal magnetism.

…The work of many minds is attempting to build a new church. That plan of malicious animal magnetism must be defeated. Our Leader said, “It is up to the students to protect that demonstration [the building of The Mother Church] –from the enemy within our gates.” (DCC p.198) We must always keep the fact of Mind’s Allness and the nothingness of error before us and, doing this, we can root out the lies of A.M. and the attempt to destroy our Leader’s demonstration. Our Leader was chosen by Mind to build The Mother Church; she did not make mistakes. This lying argument does not give anyone the right to violate the Manual.

Page 95 — We must know that what we stand for in regard to Mrs. Eddy is a blessing and our sure defense. “God works with you, not with error.” (Collectanea p.131) We must demand that evil loosen its hold upon us and that we no longer react to it. Know that you cannot become accustomed to declaring the truth and seeing no results. Demand that the hatred for our precious Leader is dissolved in the love you hold for her and the love God holds for you because of your inclusion in the remnant. Teachers and practitioners, get your patients, pupils, and friends working. Pray for the office of the Board of Directors so it can be awakened to see the error of its ways and thus cause male energy to lose its grip and stranglehold on our church.

Page 97 — Pray that our Mother Church can become more motherly and that male domination and male energy can be removed. Where would we be without her? Every healing, every insight into revelation, every inspired thought we receive while studying the Bible comes to us through her demonstration.

….Since the truth of Christian Science is always the answer to every problem, it follows that the messenger of this Truth must be pointing the way to the solution. Her name is one with Christian Science, just as Jesus is one with Christianity, and she stands forever as its Leader and will never be forgotten, even in a thousand years.

Pages 99-100 — Mrs. Eddy said, “My dear students, God has told me this much for you: At the end of this century, Christian Science will be the only universally acknowledged religion in the world, because the other religions have no demonstrating basis. But much work remains undone, much self-denial waits for us all before this end can be fulfilled. The main thing is for us to handle M.A.M. that would make us fold our hands till this manifests itself. But Truth demands work, work, work! Never forget that!” (DCC p.249)

Page 101 — We must not listen to the lie that our Leader is unnecessary. We must not react to it nor make a reality of it. Hold to the fact that our Leader is one with her revelation. Doing this, we gain divine Love and lose false material sense. This is the Love that will never fail and is the divine power that heals instantaneously.

Page 116 — Mrs. Eddy gave us the collective means to handle original sin, and when handled, obedience will flourish where disobedience once flooded, and love radiate where impurity and harshness abounded. The root of the resistance is hatred for the woman. This is original sin handling Christian Scientists and it robs the whole world of Christian Science. All the difficulties we face today in the movement and in our nation stem from hatred of Mary Baker Eddy. Human methods will never correct this problem nor achieve the removal of this hatred. She says, “Love is the liberator.” (S&H p.225:21)

In Miscellaneous Writings (p.279), our Leader says, “We, to-day, in this class-room, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind; for then the whole world will feel the influence of this Mind….” She then tells us that collective means are necessary before the world can feel the influence of the one Mind. Like Joshua, she says, we should walk around the walls of the enemy “together.” Like the disciples and Jesus we would meet in the upper room “together.” We are not following her directions.

Page 118 — Many of you have left the Christian Science church because you are tired of the strife and hatred there. The only way this hatred can be healed is through love, love enough to go into that congregation and pray for that congregation. You need not join that church, but you must join together in prayer for that congregation. This will do more than almost anything else to heal the errors in the Christian Science church. In your prayers, specifically handle for the congregation the hatred of original sin for the revelator and the revelation.

Christian Scientists are not marching around the walls together. We are not meeting in the upper sanctuary together. We are not of one Mind. Specifically handle for the congregation the claim of original sin—the hatred of the red dragon for the woman God-crowned.

“The Father, the Prodigal, and the Citizen”

Page 141 — When we love her, we destroy the work of the dragon. Not loving her, we listen to the dragon, and all the horrors of hell attempt to drown mankind.

Page 141 — In her Association Address, Sue Harper Mims relates, “I do not think anyone in this room will ever adore the personality of Mrs. Eddy, but you will love her and reverence her as the highest manifestation of Love that is in the world, or that has been for eighteen hundred years….” (WKMBE Vol. II, p.57)

Page 142 — All of us hear the lament, why doesn’t Christian Science heal like it used to? Our Leader explained the reason why very, very clearly in a letter to Judge Hanna when she said, “Keeping the truth of her character before the public will help the students, and do more than all else for the Cause. Christianity in its purity was lost by defaming and killing its defenders. Do not let this period repeat this mistake. The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner. The lie has just the opposite effect, and the evil one that leads all evil in this matter knows this more clearly than do the Christian Scientists in general.” (DCC p.109 and Coll. P.74)

Page 143 — “In proportion as students of Christian Science recognize, express, and wisely proclaim the truth about their Leader, will they progress in the demonstration of her discovery. To become the true beneficiaries of Christian Science, acknowledgment of the spiritual status of its Discoverer and Founder in history and prophecy must be made.” (November 1939 CSJ, p.410) Again, “Only as we recognize the revelator can we understand and obey the revelation.” (WKMBE Vol. II, p.64) Our Leader says it very clearly: “Christian Science is my only ideal; and the individual and his ideal can never be severed. If either is misunderstood or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow cast by this error.” (Mis. P.105:20) Irving Tomlinson says, “But if the world is to receive the message of Christian Science which Mrs. Eddy brought, then it must obtain a true estimate of the messenger.” (12 Yrs., p.209) You say, I have the true sense of my Leader! When was the last time you thought of Mrs. Eddy while reading Science and Health or her other works and expressed gratitude? When was the last time you thought of her church, her periodicals, and her Manual without thinking of her? When was the last time you spoke of God in reverent and adoring tones as Mother, not as Father or Father-Mother, but as Mother?

Page 176 — Claiming its own creation as reality, the red dragon, the belief of intelligence in matter (the citizen in the far country), will not allow Christian Scientists to see their Leader as chosen by divine Love. Only love for her can break that lie, for “Against Love, the dragon warreth not long….” (S&H p.567:9)

Page 176 — [example of Mrs. Eddy’s expression of love] The following is related by Mrs. Norton; she had just lost her husband and her baby and Mrs. Eddy sent for her to come and see her: “I shall never forget the first time I talked with her. She had sent for me to call upon her. On entering the room she extended her hand and asked me to be seated. I walked across the room and sat down in a chair. Mrs. Eddy very deliberately arranged her dress and sat down on a sofa. She looked at me so tenderly and patting the sofa beside herself, she said, ‘You are too far away from Mother, darling.’ I immediately went to her. She took me in her arms and kissed me. She was not afraid to express her love humanly, and I did not mistake it, for I learned then and there that divine Love must be expressed humanly in order to heal the broken-hearted. Oh, let us all learn to love as did this precious Christ-idea. Let us love her because she first loved us by teaching us that Life is Love and Love is Life. She is our Mother in Israel and is still saying to us all, ‘You are too far away from Mother, darling.’” (Mary Baker Eddy: The Prophetic and Historical Perspective, by Paul R. Smillie, p.320)

Page 184 — Mrs. Eddy never thought the Board of Directors was to be treated as infallible. Read the following letter from Mrs. Eddy to the Board, written on August 9, 1900: Do not you know that Mr. Armstrong’s dear son is put in just the wrong place for his own good, and the good of our Cause? ….Oh, how long will even the Board of Directors be led by sin and Satan? If another act like this is consummated by you, I will change the entire Board. You give me little cause to have any faith in you. Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Precepts Vol. V, p.8

The Board of Directors is also being mentally manipulated today and Christian Scientists had better get to work and wake them up.

Page 189 — The erroneous organized mental activity of workers in The Mother Church must be consistently handled by the field. We must know that God, good, reverses every evil argument and effort and brings about the opposite good. We must know that mental workers, under the guise of good, cannot make mortal mind laws. If you have, in the slightest, opposed what Boston is doing and found healing and success blunted, do not wonder why. This organized evil in our church must be met now. We must know immediately and with vigor that those who speak out in honesty and love for their Leader and church are blessed and rewarded and that an uncovering of error does take place and is disposed of in God’s own way.

“Our Leader’s Demonstration of Generic Man”

Page 223 — If we try to see in the mirror of divine Science and our thinking is polluted with latent jealousy or indifference towards her, then we cannot understand her Science. Loving her enables us to see that we are embraced in her demonstration of divine Science. Love demands that we give the great lady our respect, admiration and love. We would have nothing and be nothing without her. All that God asks of us is to support her in her demonstration of divine Science. The woman placed the leaven in the three measures of meal,– there is no place where we are told to add to that leaven or to subtract from the meal. Her demonstration is complete and final and all we have to do is support her demonstration by genuinely loving her.

Page 229 — If we separate Mrs. Eddy from her revelation, we place mankind in darkness. Jesus was removed from his revelation and the Dark Ages came. There is a practical knowledge and demonstration of the way in which we learn how to handle the claims of malicious animal magnetism and it is to empty our minds of evil, fill them with love and become clear channels for truth. Mrs. Eddy’s life demonstration is that example and symbol. Her life and its demonstration of the human and divine coincidence cannot be separated from her gift to the world,– divine Science. Rejecting her, we reject demonstration, healing. Science and Health sets forth the truth that sets man free; but without her demonstration, her life, that truth remains unattainable for large numbers.

Page 230 — [these truths antidote the lies of original sin] The prophecies about the woman are exact:

1. It was prophesied she would be born in God’s latter-day Israel.

2. The revelator of this second coming would be a woman.

3. This woman would write the Open Book of Revelation 10.

4. She would appear in accordance with Daniel’s dates of 1866 and 1875.

5. She would be forsaken, but eventually accepted.

How could we all be this woman?

“Does God Know Mary Baker Eddy and Christ Jesus?”

Page 283 — If the article, quoted in the Sentinel, says that God does not know or choose a mortal, then Mrs. Eddy is not the forever Leader, is not the Leader now and does not fulfill Bible prophecy. But she is and she does. Perhaps this will help to make clear the importance of getting one’s metaphysics correct. And if we deny the fact of our Leader’s spiritual identity, individuality and place, how can we see and understand our own relationship to God? Could this be why healing has so deteriorated in her church? Have we not rejected the human and divine coincidence?

Page 284 — [Reverse the following statements by M.A.M.]

1. God did not choose Mary Baker Eddy.

2. God does not know Mary Baker Eddy.

3. God knows nothing about our existence, therefore there are no Bible prophecies concerning Mary Baker Eddy.

4. Because “God doesn’t know her, we only need the revelation.

5. Because God doesn’t know her, we do not need her.

6. Because God doesn’t know her, we do not need to be obedient, other systems are helpful.

7 Because God doesn’t know mortality nor Mrs. Eddy, I can do whatever I like with impunity.

8. God has no connection with this experience, therefore I need do nothing; I need not take a stand.

9. Denying her demonstration of “sinless humanhood” we can say there is no need to demonstrate, no need to follow.

10. Mary Baker Eddy is not the Leader.

11. Get rid of Mary Baker Eddy and the Movement will prosper; she is the impediment to progress.

12. The Movement will not be accepted with Mrs. Eddy in it.

13 We must therefore reach out to the world through more interesting and newer channels than through the ones she established. She is unimportant.

14. She was no better than I am; I am just as important as she.

15. Because God does not know us, there is no reward for purity and excellence nor punishment for wrong doing; this is all just a dream.

“Christian Scientists and the Child Court Cases”

Page 313 — excerpt from “Handling Animal Magnetism in Healing” by E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer:

We know our Leader’s revelation of Truth means the complete destruction of animal magnetism in all its forms. But animal magnetism, symbolized from the beginning as the serpent, still tries to bite the heel of the woman, its destroyer, because its supposititious subtle instinct tells it that the woman, the spiritual idea of Love, will bruise its head, will utterly destroy its so-called intelligence. Therefore, in our healing work it is essential to deal with malpractice against Mrs. Eddy, who represented the divine idea, as an important part of our counteracting the animal magnetism operating against the healing Truth itself. I am deeply convinced that bringing our Leader’s name and place more into the front line of our practice and handling the world’s resistance against her divine mission can do more to facilitate good and quick healing than any other single factor.

Page 315 — Now we are told our Leader was so unimportant that God did not even know her and she, like all Christian Scientists, was a follower of Christ Jesus. Did God say that? The diabolical nature of animal magnetism was uncovered by Mary Baker Eddy, not by Christ Jesus. We are followers of the one who revealed the final revelation, the one who uncovered malicious animal magnetism. But then all the men want a male leader and most of the women do too. To love and support our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, is not deification; it is obedience to God and anyone who says it is deification doesn’t know the difference between the right road and road apples.

Page 318 — Mrs. Eddy said, “When I see a student grateful I know he is safe.” (DCC p.235) We must handle malicious animal magnetism and its hatred of Mary Baker Eddy. Future generations will look back on our time and wonder aloud at our ignorance and sensuality. They will shake their heads in disbelief, and cry over the intentional blindness with which we rushed headlong into disaster. There is a Court of Spirit and it is usually the court of last resort. Will we choose it?

“Gratitude and Indifference – Love or Deification?”

Page 320 — Pray that Christian Scientists cannot be handled by silent aggressive arguments to forget this dear one [MBE].

Page 325 — Christian Scientists must know scientifically that healing cannot be difficult or lost when we retain the vision of gratitude for the one who made each and every Christianly scientific healing possible…..Christian Scientists are alert to the seducing claims of the enemy, and the love we have for our Leader will not allow these errors to be propagated. We can see why she stated, “All the people need in order to love and adopt Christian Science, is a true sense of its founder. In proportion as they have found it, will our Cause advance.” (WKMBE Vol. I, p.40 emphasis added)

Page 327 — Pray to know that Christian Scientists in positions of trust cannot be handled by projected mental arguments and thus made to diminish their regard for their Leader.

Page 339Sue Harper Mims, CSD: Mrs. Mims stated to Mrs. Eddy that she was “God’s messenger today.” She also said, “There is not a day of my life that I do not declare at least once, often twice, that malicious animal magnetism cannot blind me to her. We must fix our gaze on Principle, think of God, and yet we must recognize who she is.” (WKMBE Vol. II, p.55)

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