A New Sense of Purpose


I would like to express my gratitude to Plainfield Church for restoring a new sense of purpose within me and providing avenues to keep it fed and alive.

Before coming here, I struggled daily. A desire to work for God burned inside of me since childhood, but false teachings and beliefs kept me captive to personal sense and took me far off the path to God. All mankind yearns for a purpose that gives life meaning and reason. We all express action based on motives often unseen and, unless it be purified and guided rightly, it can easily become misguided and blown about by the winds of error.

Since arriving and beginning to learn what it truly means to work for God; I am experiencing more peace, trust, faith, obedience, focus, patience, joy, and freedom from the past. I am becoming dependent on God and turning my life over more completely to His loving care. The sins of pride, self-will, selfishness, fear, hate, doubt, guilt, etc. are being healed. My true identity as a child of God, and living the way God wants, is coming to light especially through all the spiritually based Bible teaching. This process is emptying my cup of human knowledge so I can get to know and feel the one and true God. I am finding purpose in creating a covenant with God, supporting the fellowship here, praying for the world, growing spiritually(striving and self-immolation), and joining the activities. The beauty of it all is, each has an individual niche incomparable to anyone else. I feel as I have come home; that is, my heart has found its place. We are all sent because we all belong to God.

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