“Improving Your Time”


Recently it was necessary for me to appear in court as a witness to a traffic violation. I was concerned about going, because I had been to court previously and had waited more than six hours before the case was called. I wasn’t happy about the prospect of wasting another whole day.

That same week a friend gave me Mrs. Eddy’s article in Prose Works entitled, “Improving Your Time.” The article was very instructive on how to actually make the best use of our time. One of the instructions from the article said, “If one would be successful in the future, let him make the most of the present.” To me this meant to make every moment an opportunity to express the law of God that blesses all mankind, making every moment sacred and fruitful.

On the court day, I wasn’t worried any more. I knew that every moment belongs to God, and that He governs my activities in perfect harmony. Our case was the first to be called, and, amazingly, the person immediately pled guilty. I did not need to say a word, nor did the other witness. I left the court house with plenty of time to do the things I had planned for the day. I was certain that this was God’s doing.

The use of my time has since improved. I’m doing more thinking now than talking; and as a result, I have less to worry about. I concentrate on things that will improve my thinking and well being. Now I can see how important it is for me to make sure that my time is well spent in thinking more about how I can be a blessing to others, and asking God to show me what He wants me to do for the day, and what He wants for my life. Truly, time is hugely wasted until it is spent with God in loving, sharing, caring and in thinking holy thoughts.

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