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Get the Blessing


Thanks to the wonderful help of a Plainfield practitioner, I’ve had a chance to learn a great lesson, which was to get the blessing from each experience, even those which seem difficult. At one time, I was involved in a traffic accident and suffered the loss of a car. I was lost, didn’t know what to do, and was very depressed about it. I called a practitioner and explained what had happened. Immediately, the response from the practitioner was to get the blessing from this experience. This was a new concept for me, to take an incident like this, where I suffered a loss, and get the blessing from it! So, I went forward, got another car, and kept reminding myself that there was a blessing in this experience.

I realized that to fall down, get discouraged, and complain over every bump that comes along is not a picture of a child of God. I got the resolve that if something comes along with an unpleasant surprise, I was going to come back with a surprise of my own, which is not to fall down and complain, but to rise up even stronger. I resolved to be more insistent to do God’s will and to have God’s blessings. And, that whatever the devil would try, would not happen. This required consistent effort on my part, which is a good discipline. There have not been any traffic incidents since then, and it has been many years now. I am very grateful for the practitioner’s help in turning me to God, and to acting like God’s child, and having His blessing.

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