A Holy Purpose


Grateful thanks for the support, instruction, and unity of work for Truth in this church. Last Monday night I found myself in a lot of pain. My husband and I were scheduled to leave for a three and a half day family Christmas get-together the next day, so in the morning I contacted a practitioner in this church for help. Help was gladly given. I was told, “Whatever it is your duty to do, you can do without harm to yourself.” (S&H) Also, to stay clear of the Christmas mesmerism, and that my only purpose in going was to share my Christ. The pain faded away, and I was able to freely enjoy the activities.

On Christmas day, one of the family dogs was having a problem, and was to be taken to a veterinary clinic the next day. At first I thought, what can I do about this? But then we had the Unity Watch that night about the power of Truth demonstrated, knowing the Christ truth is present and felt by all. I could feel that power of Truth and Love, and before I went to bed, I went downstairs to see the dog. Someone said that this was probably a urinary tract infection. I talked to the dog and told her that there is only the germ of God and that it was good, and nothing inharmonious could touch her, an idea of God.

The next morning, she was perfectly well—all symptoms had disappeared. It was very clear that it was the power of God, Truth in action, because nothing else had been done for this dog.

I credit the work of the practitioner, the instruction in this church, and the collective work for Truth that is ongoing by the membership here.

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