Divine Love Meets the Human Need


The Bible is full of examples of God meeting the need of those who honestly strive to follow His commandments. Joshua needed more daylight to defeat the kings of the Amorites, so God caused the earth to stop spinning for about a day to enable Joshua to complete the battle.

God also uses his most faithful servants to meet the general needs of mankind. Elizabeth was barren. It was humanly impossible for her to have a child. Yet she gave birth to John, who prepared the way for the arrival of Jesus. Mary was a virgin. Again, humanly impossible for her to have a child. Yet she gave birth to “the greatest man who ever trod the globe.” (S&H) Elizabeth and her husband were serving God the best they knew how. Divine Love (God) gave them a child who would do great good. Mary was the first woman to perceive “that God is the only author of man.” (S&H) This perception was the greatest need of all mankind, so she gave birth to the man who would prove this great truth for all of us.

There is a law in operation in each case. Divine principle is imperative. Whoever obeys God’s law will find that law operating in their life to meet whatever the human need is. That need may be for one person, or, as in Mary’s case, for all of mankind. Could there be any doubt that this God created and cares for everything? Is there any reason to doubt that He will meet your need? Mrs. Eddy states: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” We can certainly trust Him to do so. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

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