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A Life Saved Through Service to God


Before coming to this church, I had gotten so off track that I felt absolutely empty. I remember telling a friend that I felt hollow, as though I had been strip-mined, and nothing worthwhile was left of me. It didn’t matter what I ate or drank or watched or listened to, there was no escaping materially what I had brought upon myself by continually denying God. I had plenty of matter, but no Substance.

Then that life fell apart, and God brought me here. This church and the people that dedicate their lives to it, have given me a safe haven to let go of my fears in an incredibly loving atmosphere. I have never known the love and support that exist here, and this includes all of the out-of-town members I’ve connected with, as well.

It astonishes me continually how, after coming here a total wreck, I was given first the teachings of Christian Science, and then entrusted with important tasks. Much like the Bible readings about David and Goliath, where David said he would only go into battle with what he had proved, we are given the opportunity to prove, and then directed to go out and use it.

With every weekly church event and daily practitioner support, I am learning how to listen with spiritual sense, how to get rid of personal sense—especially the personal sense of responsibility, which took a lot!—and most importantly, how to trust God continually. I know I have a long way to go, but I also know that none of us walks alone!

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