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Mental Work


In Gilbert Carpenter’s writings (Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Precepts, Vol. II), he used a story from Norse mythology to explain animal magnetism. In that story, Thor is invited by Loki to show everyone his great strength and the power of his hammer. Repeatedly, however, Thor fails in his efforts and is discouraged. Finally we learn that it was only a series of illusions that Loki created to make it appear that Thor had failed.

In explaining this story, Mr. Carpenter wrote: “Interpreted metaphysically Thor’s great power was wholly mental, with the hammer as its visible expression.” It is a total certainty that when we metaphysically interpret God’s power expressed through the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent, we will see that it is completely in mental work and know that each teleconference, church service, Internet live stream, newsletter, and book are its visible expressions.

Animal magnetism would take any opportunity to diminish and destroy what this church does. That is why it is so important that each member take their own mental work so seriously. I have learned this the hard way, as my thought on occasion has been the weak link. I am so grateful to the practitioners and church members for not condemning, but helping me during those times.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “There is neither place nor opportunity in Science for error of any sort. Every day makes its demands upon us for higher proofs rather than professions of Christian power. These proofs consist solely in the destruction of sin, sickness, and death by the power of the Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them.” (S&H)

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