The Importance of Serving God


Adeel is Pakistani. He doesn’t have the western cynicism we have, and he is one of these people that I would term a natural Scientist. He has a childlike trust of people and things that is most refreshing.

We’ve spoken often about all things connected with spirituality, and his starting point is, “How can I help, what can I do?” He isn’t interested in making an academic study or treatise on Mrs. Eddy’s writings. He just wants to “love.” You know, to translate the Lessons, he actually sits and writes them all out by hand, and then types them into Urdu. I asked him why he doesn’t copy and paste them from the internet onto a Word document, and his reply was, “I want to remember their promises.”

The suffering over there is so bad that he doesn’t have time to sit and study Mrs. Eddy’s writings. He’s incredibly practical; he needs to be to ensure his family is looked after. But yet he understands ideas such as gratitude and the importance of serving God.

As Pakistanis come from such big families, they don’t often mature into adulthood until they are in their forties. They all live with their families until the mom and dad pass on, so they don’t really need to grow up quckly. Adeel spiritually is like a child. He’s incredibly innocent. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that.

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