“The Inhabitant Shall Not Say, I Am Sick”


“You are sick,” they said. “But that isn’t the truth”
And the woman shook her head.
“The Bible declares, he that dwelleth in God
Shall not say, I am sick,” she said.
And she held to the truth throu’ a starless night,
Till the morning proved that her words were right.

“You are tired,” they said. But she smiled at that.
“How can I be tired,” said she,
“When the only work is work for God,
And He is my Life, you see?”
And she quietly went her busy way,
With a happy song in her heart all day.

“You are poor,” they said. But she only thought,
How little they know! God speed
The day when the world awakes to find
That Love is its only need.
And she still maintained, as her fortune grew,
Not money, but Love – if they only knew!

“You’re afraid,” they said. But she whispered low,
As if talking to some one near,
“Father, since Love is the only power,
What is there left to fear?”
And giving her hand to that unseen guide,
She crossed through the waters at His side.

“You are sad,” they said. But a brave heart shone
Through the glimmer of tears unshed;
And the answer came, “We are told to rejoice,
To rejoice evermore,” she said.
And she faced her grief with such steady eyes
That the world looked on in a dazed surprise;

For the world knows not of the peace that comes
To a soul at-one with God.
It is only those who are toiling on
In the path the Master trod,
Who can feel, through the dark, that loving hand,
And, holding it fast, can understand.

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