Addressing Vaccinations


Mrs. Eddy’s compassionate answer to the question about infectious disease does bring much peace to many who are fearful and troubled about the question of vaccination today. She was asked in her day:

“Then as to the laws — the health laws of the States on the question of infectious and contagious diseases. How does Christian Science stand as to them?”

“I say, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.’ We cannot force perfection on the world. Were vaccination of any avail, I should tremble for mankind; but, knowing it is not, and that the fear of catching smallpox is more dangerous than any material infection, I say: Where vaccination is compulsory, let your children be vaccinated, and see that your mind is in such a state that by your prayers vaccination will do the children no harm. So long as Christian Scientists obey the laws, I do not suppose their mental reservations will be thought to matter much. But every thought tells, and Christian Science will overthrow false knowledge in the end.” (Miscellany pages 344-345.)

I love three points made in here. First, that Mrs. Eddy in her answer is showing respect, compassion, sympathy, and pity for those who don’t understand this Science yet. What she says here is so beautiful; that we cannot force perfection on the world; however, that does not mean we condone vaccination or we go along with it. Rather should we in our own prayers make sure that our thought is so grounded in the Truth that vaccination can do no harm to our children or to anyone else.

The second point that I love is in how she clearly expresses her opposition to tyranny of any kind throughout her writings.

The third point which proves her own conviction in Divine Science is in how she writes to just wait and see who wins, “Christian Science will overthrow false knowledge in the end.” In a similar statement in Miscellaneous Writings, page 81, line 6, she addresses materia medica and its tyranny. She says at the end; “let each society of practitioners, the matter-physicians and the metaphysicians, agree to disagree, and then patiently wait on God to decide, as surely He will, which is the true system of medicine.” Thus Mrs. Eddy gives the answers to these problems which she could clearly foretell.

So where it is not mandatory to have a vaccination, why take it? This is a question each must answer with prayer. From our textbook, Science and Health (p. 468), we learn the Scientific Statement of Being. As we faithfully live these truths, we can prove the Science therein, gain unflinching conviction in the power of Divine Science, and thus maintain our standard of not going along with materia medica, help our Cause, and trust that our example can bring greater enlightenment and freedom to mankind everywhere.

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