Am I Persisting in Truth?


I have learned that a change of thought, the change of base of thought, doesn’t come in a few weeks or so. It's a matter of persistence in the Truth, our love for God and man, and the Truth that is telling us that we are spiritual beings, not material beings. That our thought must be like the thought of the Christ, and this, we can claim every day and persist in it.

This week I was reading a 1907 article by Samuel Greenwood called “The Passing of the Dream.” I was struck by something it said — it’s been said before, in so many different ways, but I like the way he puts it. He said, “when it is understood from Christian Science that human thought, and not chance or material law, is the author of human experience, and produces its own physical conditions, it will be seen how this thought must discern and correct its errors before it can bring out the true sense of being.” I loved that very much. I love the use of the word author, because it just shows us, what am I persisting in? What model have I put before me, what am I looking at every day? That thinking will show what experiences I have.

I love Mrs. Eddy giving us in “Pond and Purpose” (Miscellaneous Writings pg. 203) the three stages of thought. And at the end she really does encourage us in the beautiful way she ends the whole thing: “Beloved students, you have entered the path. Press patiently on; God is good and good is the reward of all who diligently seek God. Your growth will be rapid, if you love good supremely, and understand and obey the Way-shower, who, going before you, has scaled the steep ascent of Christian Science, stands upon the mount of holiness, the dwelling-place of our God, and bathes in the baptismal font of eternal Love.

“As you journey, and betimes sigh for rest ‘beside the still waters,’ ponder this lesson of love. Learn its purpose; and in hope and faith, where heart meets heart reciprocally blest, drink with me the living waters of the spirit of my life-purpose, — to impress humanity with the genuine recognition of practical, operative Christian Science.”

I am so grateful for the instruction to persist. When a headache comes, that headache that has been there before, when it re-appears we don’t quiver, we don’t get discouraged. It is important to always persist with the truth. I see now what I used to do. I was persisting in the error. I believed it, and kept persisting in it, therefore I could see it over and over and over again. I am so grateful for all the instructions that Mrs. Eddy has given us. So grateful for all the early workers. Those who wrote these incredible articles that remind us where we should be in our thinking, and that forever and ever we must always pay attention to what we are persisting in.

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