Be Assured, He is Over All


A recent Lesson contained citations from the first chapter of Genesis. My Sunday school students and I counted the number of times it says that what God created is “very good” or “was good,” and that appeared six times! This Truth of God’s goodness, that He is the only creator and everything that He has created is good, helps me when I feel bad or if anything negative is going on.

One night after working all day on a Lesson and other work I had to do, my computer just went blank. Something came on the screen that I have never seen before. I had no clue what to do and I could not access the internet for help. Previously I would have panicked and gone into a worried mode, along with all the thoughts that go with that. But, instead, I thought, “God is with me so how could I lose all this.” I listened for what to do. The few clicks I tried did nothing. I walked away, and as I did a citation came to my thought which says, “The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind.” (Science and Health, p. 379) After that, the words, “all-knowing” came to thought. God is all-knowing so of course He knows the answer.

Shortly after that I was led to click something that said recover, and in about five to ten minutes everything was back. This is a big deal for me and affirms to me the presence of God and His control over everything. I am sharing this for someone, somewhere, who may be intimidated by computers.

I am so grateful to have learned not to panic when things happen, but to stay calm, and go to God — the right concept of Him, His power, His allness, His everywhereness. To live in fear and anxiety, which I used to do, is not really living at all. It is wonderful to have this healing Truth that we can apply whenever we need it.

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