“Christ in the Hearts of All That Love Me”


The everywhereness of the Christ, still somewhere buried in the hearts of even those who do not love me, is so powerful when it is recognized and finally feels real. It is the Divine manifestation of God … what shall I fear? I love the way this thought is expressed below:

“Everywhere the Christ, the indisputable evidence of God’s presence and power, is to be found. In a den of lions, in a fiery furnace, in any seeming valley of pain or fear, there God’s allness may be demonstrated, for there His Christ is, there His irresistible law of good is operating to deliver us from evil.” — Jeanne Roe Price

“God is unfailing, unchanging, irresistible Love. The vainglorious claim of evil to reality fades into nothingness before the radiance of divine Love. Doubt not! The great Physician, divine Love, is beside every bed of pain, ready to wipe away all tears, dispel all fear. Nothing is too tenacious, too ‘old,’ or too hard for Love to dissolve; nothing is impossible to God.” — Jeanne Roe Price

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