Don’t Rush, Just Trust!


Before finding Plainfield Church, I was a wreck going somewhere, but not knowing where. I knew something was wrong when the truths I was being given did not help me overcome one of the most disturbing habits I had — the habit of rushing around.

Listening to the Plainfield teachings, I learned that haste is animal magnetism, something I never knew before. I learned that “day” is unfoldment, as Bicknell Young says in the article “Day,” in Collected Writings. I learned that if I held fast in my heart to the truth that God governs my day, I would also trust that everything I had to do would get done, according to His orderly plan. So I started to trust that God knew everything I had to do, and that He would not let me miss anything.

I was reminded of this healing recently when I had so many things coming at me. I found myself rushing like I used to do. Standing in my kitchen I heard clearly, “Don’t rush, just trust”; and this came with a beautiful sense of peace. I repeated what I knew, that God governs every moment of my day, and the awful feeling of rushing went away.

I am grateful for everything that I have learned through this church; it’s been a life changing experience for me.

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