Finding God, Finding My True Self

by Florence Roberts

“In thee O Spirit, true and tender, I find my life as God’s own child.” These words from Hymn 154 are so true, as I look back on my journey in Christian Science.

When I began studying Christian Science, I was using it to make my life better—to make my business better, to gain better health, improve my relationships and so on. I prayed for the things I thought I should have. I was doing things driven by human will to get the results I desired. To overcome the sense of lack, I looked for what I could sell and other things I could do to make money. When I needed work, I wrote and modified my resume, and sent them out to places whereI felt qualified to work.

After many disappointments and brief successes, I finally understood that the purpose in turning to Christian Science was to find God, to understand Him, love Him and serve Him in the way that He wants. In doing this, I would find my true self—the self that He created, the self that is governed by Him and is loved by Him, and therefore is not deprived of anything needful and is only under His holy spiritual laws.

Working consistently to gain a purer consciousness, I gradually could feel the presence of God; I felt more sure that God is here! Soon my right place for right activity was revealed, I gained more steady supply for my needs, my health improved, and great peace was restored.

This proved to me that it is the purer consciousness, the consciousness that doesn’t tolerate animal magnetism’s suggestions, that can discern and experience the good God already has for all of His children.

When we seek God first, we find our true selves and discover that we have never really lacked anything!

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