God Delivers Us From Temptations


The Lord’s Prayer says, “Lead us not into temptation.” We learn, all of us here, that every day we are tempted. The errors that come are nothing but temptations to be overcome.

I’m so grateful to Mrs. Eddy for making this one of her instructions to her students, to pray without ceasing. She said this to James Neal, to never stop praying no matter how often, “lead me not into temptation.” In her own interpretation of this beautiful section of the Lord's Prayer, Jesus’ prayer to all mankind, she says, “And God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death.”

This has been so helpful, because for so long the things that came, the errors that came, I didn’t have any means of stopping them; I just accepted them, believed in them, and therefore they carried on. But to say “lead us not into temptation,” now is very strong for me because it helps me to see the unreality of sickness, delivers me from seeing evil, hearing evil, or believing in any kind of evil. That has been a great help, since evil sometimes seems so real. I mean, error just seems so real, and we all know this. I’ve been able to overcome by just praying to God with all my heart, asking, “Father please help me to see the unreality of this.” It’s only a temptation, but it is very difficult to see that at times.

I’m so grateful for what Mrs. Eddy has taught, so grateful for the examples of Christ Jesus himself, and everyone who has ever done anything or has written the Truth, for us to follow. I’m so grateful that we can prove this, that the evils that come are nothing but tempting suggestions, and we can overcome them with what we are learning. We must see the nothingness and powerlessness of every form of evil.

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