Love’s All Power

by Florence Roberts

I am so grateful for what Mrs. Eddy taught about the word Love. She said: “There is no discordant claim that you cannot love yourself out of.”

There was a time in my life when I would hesitate to use or write the word love — I did not particularly feel it for myself and certainly did not feel it towards others. I felt hurt in so many ways, which made me feel justified in not loving and also, because I thought I was not hurting anyone, at least not openly.

When I learned that if I wasn’t feeling Love, then other emotions like fear, worry, uncertainty, resentment, anger, depression must be holding sway, and that indifference is really hate. I started examining my thoughts more, paying attention to what I was feeling, and practicing living this great word, Love.

As with all the truths I am learning, I had to accept humbly that I can love because I express God. This meant taking thought off this mortal self, to know and love my spiritual perfection, and to see others the same way, as God’s own spiritually perfect children.

How Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy and many others could continue to love no matter what, has been a great source of inspiration. The practice of thinking correctly, whenever a wrong thought came about myself or another, whenever I felt bad, and most of the time wherever I am, has made the spirit and the higher meaning of this healing word more natural to me.

I thank God for our individual and collective watches, the teaching to pray unceasingly, because these cannot be done without the true meaning of the word Love.

When asked about how to heal instantaneously, Mrs. Eddy responded: “Just live love — be it — love, love, love. Do not know anything but Love. Be all love. There is nothing else. That will do the work. It will heal everything; . . . Be nothing but love.” (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, 1979, p. 134)

Love does heal our own ills and lifts others up! And yes, there are no discordant claims that we cannot love ourselves out of. I thank God for all Mrs. Eddy sacrificed to give this Truth to mankind. I thank God for all at Plainfield who have stood to share what they learned.

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