Now Is the Time!


The false sense of a future heaven, future salvation, future wellness, future harmony is an evil I had to contend with until I understood through Science that right “Now” is the accepted time. The truth is that self-examination, sacrificing self, desiring to do God’s will and doing His will all have to be happening now; moment by moment, and hour by hour.

This is so important because this false concept of a future “heaven” pervades the thinking of many (Christians and Christian Scientists). It pushes the expectation of good, including healing of sin and disease, into some future time. What a subtle abomination! I hear it often when people speak referring to getting better in the future. It is a wrong premise to work from and certainly denies present spiritual perfection.

Thank God Mrs. Eddy came to explain what Christ Jesus lived to prove, which was ignored or misunderstood — that our spiritual perfection is here NOW to be realized!

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