Obey The Great Physician


I’ve been reading an article by Rosalie Stamp, called “Spiritual Consultations.” It mentions consultation with the great Physician. It says that, at times, we may wish that Jesus was here to help and heal. But it states that we should rather ask, what did Jesus call upon for his healing work? There are three things: he called on the same eternal Mind, the same invincible Truth, the same great liberating Love that is with us all right now.

We can always remember that our true great Physician always has a good diagnosis or verdict for us. His diagnosis is the perfection, the loveliness that strengthens spiritual selfhood, which we reflect.

I’m so grateful for this. It’s a reminder that God’s verdict is the reality, it is the truth, and it is what we all must always keep in our hearts, even though mortal mind insists on its lies and deceptions. I love Mrs. Eddy’s article “A Treatment for Every Day,” which can be found on our website under “articles.” I love where she says we must declare times without number, “I am perfect in God,” and to say often, “I am perfect, joyful, triumphant and complete.” This should be our only diagnosis and Verdict, because it is the Truth!

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